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Computing refers to the use and operations of computers. In a sense, everything we perform using a computer is computing. That means the use of popular editors like MS Word, or less popular and less known editors like Latex is computing too. However, when people use the term “computing,” they usually do not refer to the use of editors. Instead, computing widely refers to some activities involving computers in decision making.

Some examples of computing are (1) use of computers to maintain and manage records of sales of a business, (2) figuring out which items sell better than other commodities or even which items people frequently purchase together, and (3) use of programming tools to solve problems that humans cannot solve efficiently.

In recent years, the technological know-how of computing received a lot of attention. Computing plays a crucial role in this data-driven society. We use sophisticated computing technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in our daily lives. Despite the extensive use of AI and ML in many aspects of society, we know little about them. In fact, despite the widespread use of computers (that include cellphones and tablets), we know little about computers.

The purpose of the website,, is to develop easy-to-process learning materials so that you can teach yourself computer science and tailor it to suit your computing needs.

About Us in Computing for All (

Dr. Mahmud Shahriar Hossain and Dr. Monika Akbar manage the site Dr. Hossain is an Associate Professor and Dr. Akbar is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).

Dr. Hossain’s specialty is Data Science, focusing on Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and applications of Predictive Analytics. Dr. Akbar’s specialty is Data Science, with a focus on information retrieval and cybersecurity applications.

Being in a Computing discipline and their collaborations with researchers from other disciplines have made them passionate about how to explain computing topics to others in a meaningful way.