Learning to program in Java: Video lectures The videos are suitable for new learners.

The videos below cover lectures and tutorials on Java Programming Language. We are enriching our video library over time. We are following a sequence that we use in teaching a standard programming language at the university level.

if-else if-else statements in Java

if-else if-else statements in Java: Video Lecture 7

The article explains if-else if-else control statements in Java. It provides a video and relevant exercises.

Boolean variables and relational operators in Java

Boolean Variables and Relational Operators in Java: Video Lecture 6

A boolean variable is capable of holding either “true” or “false.” A computer program may use one bit only to store the status “true” or “false.” You might already know that the smallest memory unit of the computer is a “bit.” Therefore, a boolean variable uses as little memory as possible to store the information […]

Arithmetic Operations in Java Programming Language.

How to Use Arithmetic Operators in Java: Video Lecture 5

The article describes the arithmetic operators in Java programming language. It provides a video lecture, which uses simple programming examples to explain the concepts.

User Input in Java for Different Types of Variables

More on Data Types and User Input in Java: Video Lecture 4

The article covers user input in Java for different data types. It uses a simple example and great details for beginners. We also provide a YouTube video in this article that describes the fine details of how to write the program.

Getting user input in Java can be intimidating for beginners. With practice, it can become easy.

Getting User Input and Making a Calculator Using Java: Video Lecture 3

I am writing this article in support of the video we made on the topic — Getting User Input in Java. The video helps new learners by providing explanations on how to develop a simple calculator program. The user of the program types on the keyboard to enter two numbers. The program captures the two […]

A video tutorial on Variables in Java.

An Introduction to Variables in Java: Video Lecture 2

I am writing this article today in support of the video I made on Variables in Java. The video describes a little bit of theory and then demonstrates how you can use multiple variables in your program. I used simple applications — addition and subtraction of two numbers — to describe how to use variables […]

How to write your first Java program

How to Write Your First Program Using Java: Video Lecture 1

Writing the first program using Java can be intimidating, especially if someone is learning a programming language for the first time. Please do not be afraid or discouraged. If you saw someone write programs in the speed of light — especially in movies when there are only ten seconds left to a terrible happening, which […]