How to become a good programmer. The article describes how a beginner can become a good coder.

How to be a good programmer: A beginner’s guide

Becoming skilled at anything requires determination and perseverance. Gaining expertise in programming is no different. I teach around one hundred students every year at the University of Texas at El Paso. I generally teach Programming, Data Science/Mining, and Algorithms courses. Based on what I have seen over the past years as a faculty member and […]

Biggest Mistake while Teaching Kids Math

The Biggest Mistake while Teaching Kids Math

The article is about teaching kids math with a focus on problem-solving.

What programming language should I learn first is a common beginners' question. The post answers whether you should learn Java, C, or Python first as your first programming language.

What programming language should I learn first?

When someone goes to a college to study Computer Science, she/he does not have to worry much about what programming languages to learn because the degree plan already contains an outline of almost all the required courses. Today, we are going to answer the question of which programming language one should learn if she/he does not […]

Learning to code is exciting and sometimes can be intimidating.

Learning to Code: Who should Learn it and Why

The practice of computing has become widespread over the last decade. Many people in non-computing disciplines now code using standard programming languages. Learning to code is not solely a curriculum-based effort anymore. Being able to write computer programs is an excellent skill because of many reasons. The article describes some of these benefits. The article […]

Misconceptions about computer science, computing, and programming

Common Misconceptions About Computer Science

There are many misconceptions about Computer Science and Computing in general. The article outlines a number of them and explains why these misconceptions are unreasonable.