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Java do-while Loop: Video Lecture 14

Java do-while loop is one of the three looping techniques available with the language. The other two loops are: for loop and while loop. do-while is a little bit different than for or while loops. In the “for” or “while” loop, generally, a condition is checked in the beginning to realize whether the execution should […]

Nested loops in Java: Video Lecture 11

Nested looping refers to a loop inside another loop. Many applications require to loop over a repeated task. Nested looping is a solution to aid such repetitive tasks. As an example, consider printing ten lines on the terminal, where each line contains twenty asterisks, as shown below.

An introduction to Java for loop: Video Lecture 9

Repetition of segments of codes is an essential part of programming. Repeating the execution of a code segment, a programmer can reduce the size of the code as well as solve problems that require iterations of similar computations for an arbitrary number of times. Java provides three syntaxes for repetition: for loop, while loop, and […]