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While loops in Java: Video Lecture 13

Java has three types of loops: (1) for loop, (2) while loop, and (3) do-while loop. This post focuses on while loops in Java. In the video-lecture associated with this post, we compare side-by-side for loops and while loops. While loops in Java The while loop in Java has the following structure. The variable condition […]

Connected nested loops in Java: Video Lecture 12

As stated in the previous video lecture, nested loops refer to the repetition of another repeated task. The nested loops we discussed in the last lecture were not dependent on each other in determining how many times a loop should iterate. In the exercise of this lecture, we demonstrate how we can ensure that the […]

What programming language should I learn first?

When someone goes to a college to study Computer Science, she/he does not have to worry much about what programming languages to learn because the degree plan already contains an outline of almost all the required courses. Today, we are going to answer the question of which programming language one should learn if she/he does not […]